Thursday, June 23, 2005

New day coming

Hi, I think I have this fugured out and I don't know if I plan on putting some of my designs here or only on my other website. but will post later on this.

I have been having several people want items designed for babies and or more clothes so I have been drawing up some designs to get some items set up when I am feeling better. I haven't been sleeping well, my dad is in the hospital and my oldest is up there with him in IN, and he is just learning to stay home alone, he is 12. So hope my dad gets out today so that I can have some peace of mind that he is going to be fine and I don't have to make the 15 hour trip to IN...

My youngest who is 6 is really into racing and we went to see Herbie fully loaded last night and he liked it. His favorite drivers are #38 M&M's car Elliott Sadler and #20 Home Depot Tony Stewart. He is hoping his dad will take his brother and him to a Nascar race next yr. We will see...

Well off for a little bit, going to mow the lawn and then hang out in our pool in the backyard today.

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