Friday, October 28, 2005

my 4L kiddos

Buddy is in the top picture, the patriarch, the the middle is Ella, the baby, and the matriarch, Ragamuffin "kitty"(she is the big one), and the bottom has the puppy Cara nosing into one of my yarn bags that the kitten has fallen asleep in. Didn't realize it was blurry, and Ella has found some wierd places to sleep of late too, maybe one of these days I will get a new picture of her.

Cara the puppy has destroyed 3 kitty toys in an hour tonight. Guess I will have to buy some more or get cracking and make some more before she shreds them I can't wait till she learns that she is to play with only her toys, hope it will be real soon. As I have been working on crochet and designing, and getting ready for a show in November I have been busy...

I hope to get a picture if the weather is great tomorrow of some of the things I have finished over the past week, I have made about 7-8 hats, baby blanket, booties, shrug from caneylane creations.(shelly shrug), and a few more things.

Well off to watch Nascar qualifying and hope my driver gets a good spot. Go #38...

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