Friday, December 3, 2004

December, December

Hi, can't believe it is december already. Got the mailbox decorated but need to get a taller ladder to put the lights up outside. Maybe I can get hubby to go and do that this weekend. He hates to go to parties so it gives him some busy work to do besides messing with his show dogs. I hate the attention he gives them and if it came to a choice, I better be first on his list with the boys, kwim or the dogs go! lol....

Well working on some items and getting ready to put some pictures in the camera and get them downloaded so I can have pictures to go with the words...

Hope everyone is having a safe holiday and getting things that you want done before xmas and not pulling your hair out!

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Karla said...

Hi, Bren! Saw your blog URL in your siggie at Crochet Talk, so I came to read it! It looks great! I know you just started it in November, but I hope you won't give it up! Keep posting about what you're up to. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in reading! :)